Mouth Yeast Infection

Mouth yeast infection┬áis also known more commonly as ‘thrush’. This infection affects practically everyone, including children. It occurs mostly when there is a too high amount of yesat in the mouth, which causes a thick whitish coating on the tongue, gums or palate, or even painful sores, lesions and blisters inside the mouth.

Oral trush, or mouth yeast infection has a few specific symptoms, obviously very different from vaginal yeast infections. One of the major symptoms that are immediately noticeable is the white, creamy or even greyish film coating inside the mouth and on the tongue.

Sometimes various yellow or white raised spots appear in the mouth. These spots usually don’t cause pain, but if you’re eager to scrape them off, you will get some blisters that might even bleed. Sores and blisters in the mouth are a regular occurance and symptom of mouth yeast infection. Sadly these can also affect other areaas, such as tonsils, oral cavity and the throat.

Mouth yeast infection can be caused by various things, but are most commonly found at denture users, diabetics, people who have metabolic body imbalanaces as well as drug users. If you are lacking in a healthy diet and it consists of too much sugar, you might also get mouth thrush. Also people with a weaker immune system are prone to get thrush, including people who have HIV or AIDS and who are doing chemotherapy due to cancer.

There are various treatments for mouth yeast infection, some can be taken orally and are prescribed by doctors, such as amphotericin, miconazole or even nyastin. Thrush needs to be treated right after it is spotted, else the person will be at a greater risk of having a systemic yeast infection that will cause further damages to other parts of the body as well.

There are several natural remedies for thrush that greatly help with the symptoms and offer relief, such as yogurt, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar, among others. Many people these days are prefering natural, holistic remedies as opposed to using pills and bringing chemicals to the bodies, and particularly due to the fact that the traditional remedies only give temporary relief to the individual.

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